K / P №2 English ver 1 (BASIC COMPUTERS)

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Control work 2
Option 1
1. Select the appropriate pronoun. Rewrite and translate the proposals into Russian.
1. We've got (no, some, any) bread, but we have not got (any, no, some) cheese.
2. There is (some, any, no) towel in the bathroom. Will you give me one?
3. Are there (some, no, any) chairs in the kitchen?
4. The office is empty now. (Nobody, everyone, anybody) has gone home.

2. Select a pretext over, on, to, in, out of. Rewrite and translate the proposals into Russian.
1. I'm going ... the shop to buy some milk.
2. John lives ... a small village.
3. Do not put your feet ... the table.
4. I jumped ... the wall into the garden.
5. She took a key ... her bag and opened the door.

3. Complete separation issues and rewrite them.
1. Shopping is not always fun, ...?
2. You like reading books, ...?
3. Your favorite colours are blue and green, ...?
4. He sent you a letter, ...?
5. You'll finish the work by Saturday, ...?

4. Put the sentences with modal verbs into the past or the future, using the words given in parentheses. Rewrite and translate the proposals into Russian.
1. Do not must go to the bank to get some money (yesterday).
2. Can you speak any foreign languages \u200b\u200b(when you were a child)?
3. I do not have to help you to find accommodations (you could do it yourself).

5. Rewrite and translate written text.
The computer is the heart, of any direct digital control (DDC) system1. Although there are many models of DDC computer systems currently available, most operate in the same basic way and are similar in design to personal computers.
In their simplest form, all computers consist of hardware2 and software3. The term hardware includes all the components that a computer is assembled from the central processing unit4, memory, input and output terminals5, operator display terminal, keypad6, and peripheral devices7.
Peripheral equipment is used to link the computer's internal environment8 to the outside world to allow humans to access9 stored information and to allow for machine-to-machine communications in a computer network.
Software is a series of instructions that tell the computer how to operate. These instruction sets or commands are packaged together to form programmes which are designed to manipulate data for a specific purpose. There are several echelons of software used in computers, which range from programs that tell the computer how to handle basic tasks to programs that guide the computer through difficult data processing10. Computers commonly use several layers of software running concurrently to guide their operation, and these layers are transparent to the computer operator.
Understanding the Scriptures
1. a direct digital control (DDC) system - a system of direct digital controls;
2. hardware - hardware;
3. software - software;
4. the central processing unit - a central processing unit;
5. input and output terminal - Terminal input and output;
6. a keypad - the keypad;
7. peripheral device - a peripheral device;
8. environment - Wednesday environment;
9. to access - to have access;
10. data processing - data processing.

6. Complete the sentence by choosing the appropriate option graduation.
Peripheral equipment is used ...:
a) to link the computer's internal environment to the outside world
b) to form programmes
c) to manipulate data for a specific purpose

7. Rewrite the text questions and answer them in writing.
1. What is the heart of any direct digital control (DDC) system?
2. What do all computers consist of?
3. What components does the hardware include?
4. What is peripheral equipment used to?
5. What does software mean?


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